I’m an IT consultant. On assignments I usually act as a project manager, with a focus on product management, delivery and business architecture.

Hire Me For Your Projects

From my viewpoint, a project manager is someone who can make things happen. My role is to create the conditions and enablers for the team to deliver the target product. The basic question I have for my teammates is … What can I do to get the job done? How can I help you?

With a product, I’m always interested to see if we can take a small extra step to further improve the product. I work closely with the business sponsor on this, and work with the budget that has been allocated for the project. My basic tool is a “business case” with quantification of costs and benefits, including long term cost of ownership, and long term benefits. I model each product improvement idea in a “business case” to validate its actual benefits.

With a history as a programmer and software architect, I uniquely understand the work of programmers, architects, and consultants. With the ability to perceive the perspective of business users, I form a communication bridge between engineers and business leaders.


  • Project management, delivery management
  • Product development, business consulting
  • Business application architecture
  • Smart transportation and Industry 4.0


My home office is located in Central Bohemia, in Benatky nad Jizerou. I have been managing and helping to solve projects remotely long before Covid, with teams in different countries and different time zones.

We can meet at your office, in a café over a good cup of coffee or having lunch, breakfast or dinner.