Delivery management

I believe understanding what’s being created is highly important in managing projects. That’s why I always start by understanding who is going to use the product, how they are going to use it and what it is going to help them do. Business users are an important partner for me.

I also need to understand the people with whom I am creating the product. I know the work of the solution, SW and business architects, I understand the work of the programmers so that I can be a partner and a helper in the product being created. I was one of them.

I don’t stand over anyone with a whip in the form of an excel spreadsheet when managing projects. I’m an enabler for them to get their work done on time and successfully on their own.

When managing delivery, working with the business is important to me. I am a partner with the business in the preparation of the contract and I participate in the preparation of the contract documents. This ensures that the work being prepared is deliverable and that everyone has the same understanding of what they will deliver and receive before signing contracts and starting the project.

At the end of the project, it is important to properly transition the work into normal use. I set up its service support, plan its business as usual and prepare the next steps that will develop the work during normal use.