Reference projects

Digitalization of processes in leasing companies

In several leasing companies I have implemented the digitization of document processing and their storage in a document repository. The input is always incoming documents.
Data is extracted from them, and here is where the first bottleneck is found – as a rule, the quality of the extraction and the linking to lists must be addressed at the beginning. A special category is the extraction from plain text that is written in free style.
A workflow is then run over the document, and the resulting document is stored with metadata. In addition, for sensitive documents, a guaranteed electronic archive is handled. For invoices, the transfer and record the invoices in the economic system, etc.
Using a project management point of view, it is important to continuously verify the correctness of the workflow, in which there may be blind spots, the quality of the extraction and the final processing in other systems.

System integrations

System integrations can be done directly, through integration platforms, the use of microservices and more. It is increasingly common to combine systems installed on your servers with systems in the cloud. For project management, the synergy of different vendors is often a stumbling block – each vendor will eventually tell you that they delivered their work accurately and the cause of the error lies with someone else.
The project manager must identify and ensure collaboration between different vendors early on, also during final end-to-end testing. The real reason for the errors is usually found at the end; until then, the project manager must keep the different contractors willing to cooperate and get along. I have managed integration projects for customers in utilities, leasing companies and media houses.

Industry 4.0 / IIoT / Smart Transportation

For a customer in the transportation industry, we implemented the development of a product – on-board units for vehicles that monitored operational conditions, evaluated deviations and, if necessary, passed information to the next system. My role was to validate the business needs, define the requirements, determine the price level of the future product, work with the developers to design the solution and develop the product. And finally – ensure certification.
Another project was the development of on-board units for public transport buses and Integrated rescue system (IRS) vehicles. These units communicated with traffic lights at “smart crossings” so that a bus driver leaving a bus stop near a crossing. Another functionality was the priority of the IRS vehicles – so that firefighters, ambulances and police officers with a set route would get a green light in time for the crossing to clear in their path so that the IRS vehicles do not to arrive in a traffic jam at the crossing. My role was to ensure the units evolved during the contractor’s problems.